CRUMB interview

As I get ready to take part in the Transmediale/FLOSSmanuals book sprint for the "Collaborative Futures" book, I thought it was relevant to drop this blog post about an older interview about FLOSS and art.

A bit ago Dominic Smith of CRUMB interviewed me about my practice in relationship to Open Source and Free Culture. This interview is going to be included in a forthcoming 10 year anniversary book about CRUMB's activities. Posting this slipped through the cracks, but you can find it here (along with a snippet below):

So there is 'Open Source' the Noun, and then there are 2 different versions of the verb 'Open Source', 'to Open Source'. So you're working on a project and you release it Open Source, that's to Open Source a project. But the other version of to Open Source is a certain kind of reverse engineering, it’s kind of hostile or confrontational, and it's to Open Source somebody else. I was open sourcing Sherrie Levine in a sense. So I think that a lot of my work comes from that appropriation and that's a starting point.