The Original 1703 Right of Copy

1703 Right of Copy

This is a reproduction of the original 1703 Right of Copy. Queen Anne granted Oxford the right to publish Clarendon’s History for 14 Years.

Yes. 14 Years. Just think of all the work between 1924 and… 1986 that would be part of the Public Domain


Bright Bike DIY Kit Color Chart

Bright Bike color chart

Somehow I didn’t blog this image.  This is the range of colors for the Bright Bike DIY Kits ( These are 3M Scotchlite 680 retroreflective vinyl kits that are solid colors in daylight and super bright in headlights at night.

Right now, I have a campaign going on to scale the project up. If you are coming to this post after March 2nd, when that campaign ends, you can get the kits at

Security Patterns – A Studio Visit Installation

Security Patterns - Studio Visit Install

I just put up an installation of work at Eyebeam for Studio Visits. This is work I have been producing over the last 6 months. The work is primarily old found books cut with the laser cutter, as well as some laser cut drawings.

FDIC Insured - Studio Visit Install

FDIC Insured - Studio Visit Install

The central piece against the wall is “FDIC Insured” a collection of 130+ cast off investment books from the Strand dollar racks, engraved with the logos of all of the failed banks of the Great Recession.

Before and After - Studio Visit Install

Along the left side is a piece called “Before and After.” I wanted to call it “Before and After President Reagan Lost His Memory” but that seemed a little overdetermined. So I just write it here. It is books from an 1982 and 1992 World Book enscribed with things that were (Free Love, Analog, Prisoner of War) and things that are (HIV/AIDS, Digital, Enemy Combatant.)

OMG - LOL Studio Visit Install

Sprinkled throughout are altered reference books. I like taking Dictionaries and turning them into memorials. It is kind of like putting an ironic inscription on a tombstone…

Security Patterns - Studio Visit Install

Security Patterns - Studio Visit Install

Along the right side of the wall are laser cut drawings of security patterns from the inside of security envelopes.

We have never had a year of peace - Studio Visit Install

GOOGLE & SPEED DIAL - Studio Visit Install

Style and Uniform Standards - Studio Visit Install

Eyebeam is currently closed to the public, but if you would like to see this installation you have two options. Contact me ( to set up a time to meet, or come by the Eyebeam Open Studios, which will be October 23rd and 24th from 3-6PM.

This Show is Closed: Install Shots

This show is closed… but I am just blogging install shots now. I did get the announcement out for the opening.  Just not the follow through. Sometimes things slip through the cracks.  Not sometimes… mosttimes.

Summer Reading” at Jen Bekman Gallery.

install view at Jen Bekman

install view at Jen Bekman

I have short hair now

Me with short hair

I have short hair. For reals. This is the first good photo of it. I also have glasses now. I feel simultaneously older, and also very young: the last time I had hair like this I was 13.

Though mom has responded:

the last time your hair was short was post-mohawk, senior yr at CG

your graduation pix are evidence….


Werkin @ Eyebeam

Mockups for book display shelfs

Mockups for book display shelfs

Patrick and Paul helping make mockups for book display shelves for FDIC Insured. Salvaged cardboard to make sure everything is good to go with bamboo plywood.

i’ve got 99 problems… er… projects

101 Current Projects

team meeting one. we spent all day tuesday to come up with this list of the 98 projects we were working on. since then i remembered 4 more

i’ve got 99 problems and… here they are. all spelled out on a white board.

Addicted to the Internet

Addicted to the Internet

Who isn’t?

Drawing Contemporaries Opened Last night

These pix were taken right at 6pm, so there was close to no one there yet. By 7pm, the room was packed. Thanks all for coming. The show is up through June 9th. Ping me if you want a walkthrough.

Drawing Contemporaries

Drawing Contemporaries

Drawing Contemporaries

On The Ferry

Mandiberg on the Ferry

So I found it. On the top deck. It is the first time I’ve ridden the ferry since it went up. The publicity office at school gave me my own mounted copy… to put up in my office!!???! (yikes)

Michael Mandiberg on the Staten Island Ferry