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    Brown wool tweed overcoat, with a few auburn highlights. With a broad, almost round collar. Three Quarters length, it covers my knees. Very warm. Size 42.

$ 60.00

    Sherlock Holmes style brown hounds tooth three quarter length coat. This coat is a fall and spring coat. Size 42.

$ 60.00

    Green Diesel Style Lab Coat, with this five button military style coat. Very stylish, especially with a bald pate. Size XL, in Euro sizes, so really a medium to large. Wool Blend. Made in Italy.

$ 120.00

    Caramel Suede Coat. Handmade in Spain, and given to me by my parents for graduation, this coat is really nicely made. The suede is really smooth. I feel guilty wearing it because cows died to make it. Size 52 (euro).

$ 200.00

    120% Linen Brown Sport Coat. Simple, comfortable, and stylish. 100% Cotton Size Large.

$ 20.00

    Tomato Red Patagonia Shell Parka. This is their top of the line mountaineering shell. It features rip-stop Kevlar hashing to prevent rubbing and tearing damage from rocks, Gore-Tex for rain, pit zips for ventilation, a hood large enough to fit a helmet under, two huge outside pockets, plus inside pockets, a powder waist, with pull-ties around the waist and at the bottom of the coat. This is the best in survival clothing. This coat has served me very well in the woods. Size XL.

$ 125.00