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Michael Mandiberg, Freelance Conceptual Artist
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Shop Mandiberg now offers my time for sale, to further relinquish control over my identity. One way we construct identity is through posessions -- another, is through what we choose to do on a daily basis. Now at Shop Mandiberg not only can you buy my objects to take that element of my identity apart, now you can control my time as well. Exploit my labor for whatever means you wish. Make me make art, or make me run your errands, or make me meditate for you. Trade your capital for my labor, and exert your power and control.

To buy my time, please use the form below to select a task (or create your own) and if you choose, include an adverb to modify the way I perform the task, or other specific instructions. My rate for all Freelance Conceptual Art is $20 an hour. You will receive an email from PayPal, which you should consider your receipt. I will also send you an email after I complete your requested Freelance Conceptual Art confirming that it took place. Remember, the list below is just a starting point.

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nothing at all meditating walking thinking standing working
photographing programming computing errands your Errands cleaning
reading talking listening researching promoting working Out
calling eating writing travelling dressing undressing
giving painting cleaning floors following creating communicating
debating discussing running applauding reciting observing
seeing representing illustrating marking labeling creating
designing instructing publishing growing shining saving
scheduling solving training barking blinking blowing
sawing shaving saying seeing being sewing
singing cutting digging drawing driving flying
kneeling knitting giving hearing swearing teaching
hiding leaping learning lying making sweeping
building reading riding sitting sleeping spending
spinning spitting misspelling spreading drinking eating
falling paying pleading standing writing dreaming
sleeping waking stretching yawning brushing showering
feeling puking drinking jumping kicking punching
sighing fucking talking looking listening watching
rolling speaking touching hitting on somebody smacking walking
running jogging skipping hopping farting belching
blowing nose eating falling reading drawing masturbating
tying wearing carrying typing groaning screaming
moaning lisping burping being cute biking driving
riding shopping selling writing cutting spooning
snapping shiting stepping bounding lounging studying
scratching itching mashing molesting massaging throwing
shaving lifting swinging lapping bleeding cutting
swallowing erasing crushing clipping picking copying
washing decorating softening hardening playing calculating
sucking cleaning summing subtracting eliminating multiplying
dividing counting buying spraying kissing pouring

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Please note: As the year long 2001 Shop Mandiberg performance is complete, the purchase function has been disabled.