Shots of the sheet metal tests of the Displaced Fake Estates. I got a roll of 20" (the widest they stock) sheet metal from Home Depot, and pieced two pieces together with zip-ties. The larger one was reinforced with a 1.5inch by 36inch piece of metal along the length. I need to add reinforcement across the width too, as it bows too much.

The smaller one, without any reinforcement bends and bows like crazy. It looks (and acts) like a sail. But they increase the light!


I did some tests with actual mirrors, which were much heavier, and kind of broke the foam core that the tinfoil was mounted on. The mirrors are reflecting different parts of the building. It looks like I can get away with one foot of mirror that does not see building, but the other two (top and bottom) will show the buildings.

So maybe those two are angled parabolically? This image shows too much parabolic angling.  But theoretically, the parabola would work...