FLOSS Book Sprint: Digital Foundations from Michael Mandiberg on Vimeo. FLOSSify02 Last weekend was the epic Digital Foundations-->FLOSS Book Sprint, led by Adam Hyde of FLOSSmanuals.net and Eyebeam Senior Fellow Michael Mandiberg. Around 25 volunteers convened at Eyebeam over the course of 3 days to translate Digital Foundations from Adobe to FLOSS (Free Libre Open Sources Software) applications, making good on the promise of Digital Foundations' Creative Commons license. Adam Hyde, founder of FLOSSmanuals.net, guided what he has termed the "Book Sprint" where both experts and novices collaborate with the aim of writing an entire book in a fixed period of time. The process was exciting, exhausting, an effective. We are proud to say that the new translation of Digital Foundations and Intro to Media Design with FLOSS is currently available on the FLOSSmanuals.net site, and will be in print shortly. One more step closer to easing the monopolizing power of proprietary software companies.