This is a collaborative project of a number of MFA's. Do stop by. m. Looking for the newest dining trend in Hollywood? It seems like Gen Mod cafe at the corner of Las Palmas and Hollywood Blvd. is serving up the wave of the future, with its wait staff decked out in lab coats and the plates and cups strangely resembling petri dishes and test tubes. During the course of the meal, it may come to your attention that everything served at Gen Mod contains ingredients made from genetically modified plants. This may make you want to run screaming -- until you realize that rather than being some bad science fiction nightmare, Gen Mod is just fessing up to what almost every other restaurant and grocery store in town is already selling you. Just about every food you can think of that has corn or soybeans in it is made from genetically modified organisms. No long-term testing has been done on possible adverse effects of GMOs, but they have been introduced into human diets all the same. Biotech companies are using humans as research subjects without their consent. Gen Mod tempts diners with delicious cuisine and trendy atmosphere, but begs the question of whether we all want to be part of this continuing unregulated research or not. Gen Mod is at 1638 N. Las Palmas Ave. (in the gallery at Les Deux Cafe) and will be open from 5 till 11PM on Friday May 24, 2002. For more information, and directions please go to For contact info, email