Graham Parker stopped by for a studio visit, and we had a great conversation. The highlight was when he told me to "choose my words less carefully." In the description he writes:

First in a series of studio and show visits with contemporary artists. I've known Michael for some years - probably since a friend directed me to his Shop Mandiberg project. He's recently been a research fellow at Eyebeam and is having an open studio there soon - mostly showing off work he has been producing with a laser cutter. He invited a few people along to do some studio visits in advance of that and I happened to have my camera with me when I went along. He'd set up a lot of work in one of Eyebeam's main display spaces, so the effect was much more like a solo show than a regular studio visit.I asked Michael to talk me through a few pieces on camera and he generously agreed to do so - despite having no time to process what we'd just been talking about in our visit. It's mainly shot under existing lights with a few stills dropped in, so the footage is a little grainy in places, but it should give an idea of what he's up to.
More on the blog post.  Thanks Graham!