Bottled water makes polar bears cry

The folks at Tappening have released one of the funniest and smartest PSA-ish social education campaigns I’ve seen in a long time. Well, maybe since the New York Times Special Edition.

Reports are these cute single color posters with white lies about the bottled water industry will be hitting the streets of NYC soon, if they aren’t already up (I’m out of town for another week).

My favorite is “Bottled Water: 98% melted ice caps, 2% polar bear tears.” The small print at the bottom of the poster says: “If bottled water companies can lie, we can too.”

Their “Start a Lie” website is also killer. Anyone can add a lie about the bottled water industry, e.g.: “Bottled water makes me urinate fire.”

They also did these great ones during the Presidential election about McCain and Obama.

Awesome work!

Also, for any educators out there, this is practically a readymade course assignment for any art, design, social studies, activism course.

From Coolhunting, via Marisa Olson