Its only in Canada for the moment, but MiniBookExpo is a service to get books to bloggers for review.   Something we have thought about too.


The Rules


  • Claim It.

    * watch for a book you want
    * click through to claim it
    * make sure it’s not already claimed by someone else
    * leave a comment to claim it (max 2)

  • Get it.

    * we’ll confirm you claimed it in the comments.
    * then email you for your address
    * send me your address
    * Canada Post will bring you your book.

  • Read it.

    * can you really say anything if you haven’t read it?

  • Blog it.

    * Post something about the book within a month of getting it
    * include a link to the publisher and the author if possible
    * if you don’t have a blog, send me your review & I’ll post it here for you