Two pages from my new work was sent to over 30 museums around the world, unsolicited, as part of David Horvitz's project Cigarette Beetle (Lasioderma serricorne) this summer. David filled archival boxes with 30 copies of a group show of print artworks and mailed them to museums around the world. My contribution is below.



Can you see where this is going? More soon!

Other artists in the project are Marley Freeman, Sena Başöz, Lukas Geronimas, Sara Magenheimer, Ed Steck, Michael Bell-Smith, Duane Linklater, Jamie Chan, Zach Houston, Jamie Stewart, Ann Böttcher, Julia Weist, Anne Lai, R. Lyon, Mia Nolting, Karen Adelman, Denise Schatz and Natalie Beall, Amalia Ulman, Sydney Kim, Michael Bühler-Rose, Siriol Joyner, Leif Hedendal, Vanessa Safavi, Kristina Lee Podesva, Mary Walling Blackburn, Taeyoon Choi.