Eyebeam’s Beyond Light Bulbs programming series is in full swing, with a preview of the upcoming Feedback exhibition on display in our galleries, featuring projects by Sustainability Research Group members Brooke Singer, Michael Mandiberg and Ben Engebreth, alongside those of Eco-Vis Challenge winners. We are displaying the winners and honorable mentions in January at Eyebeam, with a closing Open Source Sustainability Critique on January 26th from 4-6.

We have awarded prizes for the Eco-Vis Design Challenge. The winners are Oz Etzioni, for his Unrecyclable icon (attached below), and The Studio for Urban Projects, for their In Popular Terms, the Evolving Language of Ecology. The winners each were awarded a $2000 prize.  You can see images of all of the winning + honorably mentioned works here.

Full on the Eyebeam website.

Images available here.