I have a bad habit of not blogging little things. Like when I get blogged. It seems so recursive. But at the same time, I delish them, and then they just stay there.

So in an effort to change that practice, I am instituting a Ping Report, which I will do as needed, but at least once a month. Just links, and maybe some pull quotes from blogs and exhibitions.

To start out, here is a bunch of blog coverage of the Bright Bike, Digital Foundations, and my new laser cut work:

Bright Bike:

Again on MAKE blog And Reblogged on Rolling Resistance. And Treehugger And Daily DIY And Bike Commuters And Scooter Scoop And PSFK And Style Crave Trends Update Bike Hacks NotCot

Digital Foundations

Was featured on BoingBoing, Creative Commons Blog (twice), and on Just Write Click

Burned Books

James Wagner first post, and second post about his visit to see my new work

The DATA BASE piece was featured on the CRAFT zine

misc... Here is some coverage of the Bright Idea Shade on Guanabee and Inhabitat

I don't know if I posted the coverage of 31 Acts on N_P

And AfterSherrieLevine.com still riles people up. And was front and center at a conference at Berkeley

Some old news: Oil Standard was in OURS at Parsons

And some really old news: My work was included in http://greenmuseum.org/c/conmob/conmob.html, a show curated for greenmuseum.org by Claude Willey and Ryan Griffis:

curated by Ryan Griffis and Claude Willey with a carload of cultural projects focusing on the problems of mobility and energy. Features works by: Brian Collier, Free Soil, Amy Balkin/Kim Stringfellow/Tim Halbur/Greenaction/Pond, kanarinka, Michael Mandiberg, Laurie Palmer, Platform, Josephine Starrs/Leon Cmielewski.