Michael Mandiberg: From Aaaaa! to ZZZap!
Denny Gallery, New York
June 18–July 11, 2015


From Aaaaa! to ZZZap! was the first exhibition of Print Wikipedia, and included an installation of printed volumes and wallpaper alongside documentation of a performance of the upload of Print Wikipedia to Lulu.com (a print-on-demand website). The upload process took nearly two weeks, and Denny Gallery stayed open around the clock for the first weekend of the exhibition to allow visitors to continuously view the upload process in its entirety. The upload documentation was broadcast on two channels: a projection of the Lulu.com site in a web browser and a computer monitor with the command line updates showing the dialogue between the code and the site. The script also posted to Twitter after it finished each volume. Individual volumes, as well as the entirety of Print Wikipedia, Wikipedia Table of Contents, and Wikipedia Contributor Appendix, were available for sale. The build and upload process took place in real time; the exact metrics for the scale of the work were adjusted and updated over the duration of the upload and exhibition.