After 24 days, 3 hours, and 18 minutes, Print Wikipedia was fully uploaded on July 12. Over 7,600 volumes have been uploaded for print-on-demand to In August I will show one volume and a video from the upload process in the exhibition at the ISEA conference in Vancouver. I'll be selling and showing a few volumes in the Internet Yami-ichi at Knockdown Center on September 12th. It has been exciting to see this project fully realized and come to fruition, thank you to everyone who has shown their support.

New Press: Jennifer Schuessler, The New York Times, Print Wikipedia Project Reaches Final Entry  Beckett Mufson, The Creators Project, What We Learned from Printing Wikipedia as a Book Casey Quackenbush, New York Observer, Print Wikipedia Fully Uploaded, But No Buyer now features an infinite scroll of all 7,473 volumes, 91 volumes of the Table of Contents and the 36 volume Contributor Appendix. Each book icon links to that volume's page.

During the upload process I really enjoyed seeing the stream of juxtaposed titles on the @PrintWikipedia twitter feed. Here are a few of my favorites: