New York Arts Practicum – midpoint update

Andy Bichlbaum of The Yes Men talks to New York Arts Practicum

The New York Arts Practicum is midway through, and going really well. The 10 participants are having productive conversations with artists and curators, working in their mentors’ studios, and making work for critique. We are meeting Tuesday evenings for Critique/Seminar, and Friday all day for site visits. The goal of the program is for the participants to bridge the gap between scholastic artmaking, and a being an artist in the world. In bridging this gap, they experience the stresses and rewards of sustaining a creative life, and begin to learn how to make work without the armatures of school proping you up.

During Critique/Seminar, Trevor Paglen and Penelope Umbrico showed us their new work, David Horvitz lead a Life. Drawing. session at Zuccotti Park, Sara Greenberger Rafferty led an equisite corpse workshop, and Jen Liu and Ricardo Miranda Zuniga were guest critics. We have had site visits with Amanda McDonald Crowley, Lize Mogel, Magda Sawon, Steve Sacks, Artie Vierkant, Andy Bichlbaum of The Yes Men (above), Jill Magid, Mark Tribe, and Brody Condon. We made trips to MoMA, Chelsea galleries, The Met, and Christian Marclay’s The Clock. And we are only halfway through!

There are descriptive blog posts, photos on Flickr, and a steady streem of tweets

"Life. Drawing." with David Horvitz and the New York Arts Practicum Participants

New York Arts Practicum Participants surround police in David Horvitz’s Life. Zuccotti Park.


New York Arts Practicum meets with Lize Mogel

Lize Mogel discusses the intersection of maps and art, and working as an artist outside of the art market.