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Personal Effects
Letters and Journals

    My current check book, and as a bonus, I will throw in my supply of extra check books.
$ 500.00

    The full set of my pay stubs from my employment at IBM through Sage Solutions.
$ 50.00

    My Credit Card Statements.
$ 200.00

    My reciepts from all of the significant purchases I make, like my computer, my cell phone, etc..
$ 200.00

    My wallet. Including my Oregon State Drivers License, My Credit Card, with $6000 limit, ATM card, Brown University ID, California Institute of the Arts ID, 500 minute phone card, first aid reference card, social security card, insurance card, a beaded safety pin from my 8th grade girlfriend, a sticker-photo of my brother, and usually $30 to $60.
$ 7000.00

    My Bank Statements.
$ 50.00

    Five 2 cent stamps.
$ .10

    My Health Insurance card, for a policy i no longer have.
$ 5.00

    A CTA (Chicago) transit card with $.50 on it.
$ .50