Bright Idea Shade from Michael Mandiberg on Vimeo.

 The Bright Idea Shade is a project of the Eyebeam OpenLab, by Sustainability Action Group members Michael Mandiberg and Steve Lambert, with Simon Jolly, Peter Duyan, and Oscar Torres. We are converting all of our silver tipped incandescent bulbs into CFL bulbs (as they burn out.) The problem is a bare CFL bulb gives off harsh light that sometimes prevents people from making the change. So we set about designing a lampshade for the bulbs. We started with the Universal Polygon Lampshade and made it fit a CFL bulb, built it out of heat resistant photo diffuser material (found a diffuser material that could be laser cut, and built a laser cutter template.)

Steal this idea:

The Bright Idea Shade is licensed with a Creative Commons Attribution license. Our goal is to get these kits into the hands of decision makers at retailers and manufacturers like Target, Walmart, Kmart, Ikea, Home Depot, Bed Bath And Beyond, etc. We have no interest in doing the long term manufacture & distribution of this project. We are not business people. The promise of the CC-BY license is that it can go out in the world and be reproduce by others who have much better distribution channels and manufacturing expertise.