The Social Media Reader - first sighting

An Xiao reviewed The Social Media Reader on Hyperallergic, writing:

Enter the The Social Media Reader, a new book from NYU Press edited and put together by artist and professor Michael Mandiberg. Mandiberg, who teaches teaches design and digital media at the College of Staten Island/CUNY and whose projects have influenced a number of new media and social media projects, was hoping to fill a void in social media literature. The book makes for excellent reading and includes the work of famous essayists like Tim O’Reilly’s What Is Web 2.0, Lawrence Lessig’s look at remix culture and the law, Chris Anderson’s The Long Tail and Clay Shirky’s Gin, Television and Social Surplus. My favorite is a new piece from danah boyd, who reflects on the always-on lifestyle afforded by new media and social media.

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