Quantified Self Portrait (One Year Performance) (2016-17) uses the self-tracking technology of the Quantified Self movement, a trend in the wellness industry that aspires to self-knowledge through tracking one's personal data. I programmed my computer and iPhone to capture screenshots and images every fifteen minutes for one year - a technique used to monitor freelance labor - and tracked my mental, physical, and emotional states with a Fitbit and journal. Quantified Self Portrait (One Year Performance) is a three-channel HD video that documents this process. Instead of pursuing wellness and perfection, Quantified Self Portrait (One Year Performance) reveals my position as a microcosm of a pathologically overworked and increasingly quantified society.

Quantified Self Portrait was created with support from the LACMA Art+Technology Lab; it has been exhibited at LACMA in Workflow, and Denny Gallery, New York in New Work. Read about the work at We Make Money Not Art and on Neural.