Quantified Self Portrait (One Year Performance), 2016–17

3-channel HD Video made from photographs and screenshots captured every 15 minutes by custom Objective-C software and daily reflective texts from a one-year long durational performance Channels 1 and 2: 6’50”; channel 3: 47’50” Produced with the support of the LACMA Art + Technology Lab

In 2016, I began an exploration of how our knowledge economy impacts my life and identity on a personal scale, using myself as a case study to expose the various hidden forms of labor that cohere under the rubric of the Artist. Like many of my peers, much of my work as an artist revolves around emailing, liaising, corresponding, and managing: the maintenance of my art practice has necessarily come to define my practice.

Quantified Self Portrait (One Year Performance) (2016–17) uses the self-tracking technology of the Quantified Self movement, a trend in the wellness industry that aspires to self-knowledge through tracking one’s personal data. I programmed my computer and iPhone to capture screenshots and images every fifteen minutes for one year—a technique used to monitor freelance labor—and tracked my mental, physical, and emotional states with a Fitbit and journal. Quantified Self Portrait (One Year Performance) is a three-channel video that documents this process. Instead of pursuing wellness and perfection, Quantified Self Portrait (One Year Performance) reveals my position as a microcosm of a pathologically overworked and increasingly quantified society.