90c By Surface Area

HOWTO Burn a Dollar Bill from Michael Mandiberg on Vimeo.

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Gold Rush!


I’m totally getting obsessed with gold. I give all credit to Marisa Olson. But I want real gold.

Can we find C. Westcott

c.westcott i tried

Okay Mr or Mrs C. Westcott, I tried to mail you your Moleskine. Your bloody address was incorrect. And b/c you just put yr first initial, I can’t find you. You were at CAA. You were probably sitting in on the panel before mine on friday morning. Six degrees of separation: can we find C. Westcott?

Inbox Zero Nerd Merit Badge

Inbox Zero Merit Badge

Inbox Zero Merit Badge

From my brother. He sent it two weeks ago, and I was hovering around 20 messages. He is visiting on Tuesday, so I had to have it ready by then!

Eyebeam Announces new Fellows and Residents

Anyone who has followed this blog obviously knows that I am still working at Eyebeam, which means I was awarded a Senior Fellowship.  It started some time ago, but Eyebeam is making a celebration out of it for the Senior Fellows and the incoming Residents.

Eyebeam awards more than $175,000 in stipends to 10 artists working at the intersection of art and technology. The artists will be honored during an invitation-only reception and presentation.

6:00PM, March 26, 2009
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Eyebeam, 540 W. 21st St. (btw 10th and 11th Aves.)

New York City, March 11, 2009-Eyebeam is pleased to announce the recipients of its 2009 Senior Fellowships and Winter/Spring Residencies, who will be honored during a reception at 6:00PM, March 26. Stipends totaling nearly $175,000, as well as 24/7 access to Eyebeam’s state-of-the-art new media design, digital research, and fabrication studios have been awarded to 10 artists to support performance, experimental film, wearable technologies, open culture, and sustainable art.

“Eyebeam is really periscopic in terms of spotting interdisciplinary talent,” said Martin Duus, Eyebeam’s director of strategy and development. “The program is unmatched in the degree of support it provides to artists and creative thinkers exploring the impact of technology on contemporary culture,” he continued. “The 200 or so alumni are ample evidence that the program continues to be a launching pad for many successful careers in the art world and beyond.”

The unique, invitation-only reception will offer an entry point into Eyebeam’s unparalleled, highly competitive residency and fellowship programs, as well as a chance to tour the labs, meet and speak with the artists, and learn more about their work and areas of focus.

The event will take the form of short presentations complemented by viewing stations displaying elements of the artists’ past and current projects. Speakers will include Executive Director Amanda McDonald Crowley and Alexander Galloway, Eyebeam alum.

Look Who’s on the Ferry (OMG)

Michael Mandiberg on the Staten Island Ferry Michael Mandiberg on the Staten Island Ferry

(Ferry photos by Cynthia Chris)

Michael Mandiberg on the Staten Island Ferry

I’m not sure whether to be honored or totally embarrassed, but the College of Staten Island marketing department decided I was photogenic enough to put my picture on an ad that is on the Staten Island Ferry

How to Burn the OED

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I FFFound out that one of the cover designs ended up on FFFound

Security Patterns

security patterns: black weave

security patterns: black hatching round

security patterns: blue diamonds

security patterns: diagonal lines skewed

Security Pattern: Zebra

Can we make the airport any more degrading?

Can we get any more degrading

We have to dump all of our water, in some cases women are being forced to remove their undergarments, and of course we all have to take off our shoes, now we are forced to look at ads in the process. Not that the security check point was a particularly sacred or peaceful place anyway, but man, seeing those really bright ads at that moment is not the kind of branding they want. I’m thinking: “damnit, I hate shoes right now.” And then I have to stare into a box that is telling me “you love shoes. you need shoes. buy more shoes.”