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Speaking on Panel at Brooklyn College

I am speaking on a CUNY Open Access Week panel on Open Access in the Arts, which includes lecture/presentations by Doug Geers, Nina Paley, and myself. There will be a full screening of Nina Paley’s Sita Sings the Blues to follow panel presentation.

My talk is entitled “Giving Things Away is Hard Work,” and covers my experience creating art & design work with Creative Commons licenses. The talk focuses on the specific strategies I have employed for enabling collaboration when working with non-code based work. If you can’t make it, an earlier (less complete) version of this talk is here.

Wednesday, October 20, 6-9pm @ the Brooklyn College Library, Woody Tanger Auditorium (Directions / Campus Map)

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HOWTO CC in Instructable form

HOWTO Negotiate a Creative Commons License: Ten StepsMore DIY How To Projects

After a recent conversation with an author that signed a contract and then realized she should have negotiated a Creative Commons license for it, I realized I should revive the HOWTO CC post as an instructable. Same content, new form. New community.

Original all-text-no-pictures version here

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A CRUMB Interview on Open Source and Collaboration

CRUMB interview

As I get ready to take part in the Transmediale/FLOSSmanuals book sprint for the “Collaborative Futures” book, I thought it was relevant to drop this blog post about an older interview about FLOSS and art.

A bit ago Dominic Smith of CRUMB interviewed me about my practice in relationship to Open Source and Free Culture. This interview is going to be included in a forthcoming 10 year anniversary book about CRUMB’s activities. Posting this slipped through the cracks, but you can find it here (along with a snippet below):

So there is ‘Open Source’ the Noun, and then there are 2 different versions of the verb ‘Open Source’, ‘to Open Source’. So you’re working on a project and you release it Open Source, that’s to Open Source a project. But the other version of to Open Source is a certain kind of reverse engineering, it’s kind of hostile or confrontational, and it’s to Open Source somebody else. I was open sourcing Sherrie Levine in a sense. So I think that a lot of my work comes from that appropriation and that’s a starting point.

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Dorkbot PDX talk: FAIL, WIN!, FTW?

I gave a lecture on August 8th at Dorkbot PDX entitled FAIL, WIN!, FTW?. It is a summary of my recent work experimenting with open licensing on physical objects. I explore what has worked, and what hasn’t, and some of the lessons I have learned.

Marisa Olson also spoke; her lecture is here

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Ping Report: HOWTO CC gets some action

O’Reilly Radar and Boing Boing picked up on the HOWTO CC post, which echoed through the blogs.  Some of of the louder echos are: Robin Good’s reposting, which includes ironic stock photographs (something I’ve been meaning to do!)

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FLOSS Book Sprint: Digital Foundations from Michael Mandiberg on Vimeo.


Last weekend was the epic Digital Foundations–>FLOSS Book Sprint, led by Adam Hyde of FLOSSmanuals.net and Eyebeam Senior Fellow Michael Mandiberg. Around 25 volunteers convened at Eyebeam over the course of 3 days to translate Digital Foundations from Adobe to FLOSS (Free Libre Open Sources Software) applications, making good on the promise of Digital Foundations’ Creative Commons license.

Adam Hyde, founder of FLOSSmanuals.net, guided what he has termed the “Book Sprint” where both experts and novices collaborate with the aim of writing an entire book in a fixed period of time. The process was exciting, exhausting, an effective. We are proud to say that the new translation of Digital Foundations and Intro to Media Design with FLOSS is currently available on the FLOSSmanuals.net site, and will be in print shortly. One more step closer to easing the monopolizing power of proprietary software companies.

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FLOSS Digital Foundations Book Sprint

FLOSS Book Sprint: Digital Foundations from Michael Mandiberg on Vimeo.

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HOWTO CC in Spanish



Jennifer Dopazo has translated the HOWTO CC into spanish.

Which language will be next?

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