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In Light of Recent Events during Art Basel, Miami Beach

Spectrevision humbly presents studio art work juxtaposed interchangeably with experiments and efforts that defy current modes of categorization, displayed alongside research materials and other relevant findings.

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Total Money Makover, by Chas Bowie

Chas Bowie wrote a really tight insightful essay for the show’s mini-catalogue entitled Total Money Makeover. Pacific Northwest College of…

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From the Archiveā€¦ Q: Head Scarf?

From October 2008… this post was caught in WordPress limbo. I publish it now, well after this NYC microtrend has gone national, if not global. The questions remain the same, the scope has just increased… I’ve noticed a new NYC microtrend of people wearing billowy checkered cotton scarfs around their necks. They remind me distinctly […]

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New Amsterdam Bike Slam in the New York Times

The New York Times covers the New Amsterdam Bike Slam. We won hardcore. We proposed angle in parking, charging for…

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Ulrich Franzen’s Street: Radical Urban Planning from 1969

Watch the whole thing. Or at least the first 12 minutes. Its worth it. Fascinating. It is so familiar that…

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S.A.S.E. a new project from ASDF

S.A.S.E. Marijke Appelman, Paul Branca, Jennifer Cane, Travis Hallenbeck and Guthrie Lonergan, Michael Mandiberg, Jennifer Delos Reyes, Gabriel Saloman, Suzie…

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Plugins at Exit Art in End of Oil

My environmental focused plugins are included in the exhibition End of Oil at Exit Art. The opening is this Saturday,…

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Drawing Contemporaries Video

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Permanent State of Emergency

Permanent State of Emergency, video still April 7 – 28: Eyebeam’s new window gallery in a Permanent State of Emergency…

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