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    Hasselblad 501CM Camera Kit. With the Planar CB 2.8/80 mm lens and A12 magazine with slide, and screw in lens cap. I bought this camera a year ago, right before I stopped using cameras and started using computers. This camera is like new. I have put about 10 rolls of film through the camera, and shot two packs of polaroid film with it. Also includes Tiffen Bay 60 UV Filter, for the Hasselblad. Protective filter to prevent surface damage and excessive dust.
$ 2200.00

    Manfrotto Professional Tripod. Model XXX. Manfrotto makes the tripods that Bogen puts their name on, so this is the best!

$ 95.00

    Minolta IVF Meter. This is the studio standard for Flash and Ambient metering. The professional's choice. Comes with strap and padded case.

$ 200.00

    Hot shoe to PC Cord flash convertor.

$ 10.00

    Ventilation mask for working in poorly ventilated darkrooms, though I haven't been in a darkroom for a year and a half.

$ 30.00

    Canned Air.

$ 5.00

    Illuminated slide viewer.

$ 6.00

    Nikon Coolpix 775 digital camera. 2.1 Megapixel, with a zoom lens. Very small and light, though still a point and shoot camera.

$ 350.00