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    My music collection. About 30 different CD's, plus about 20 burned disks. With their jewel cases. And the storage books as well.

$ 200.00

    Panasonic CD Player, with custom bright pink cover. Comes with AC adapter, rechargeable AAA batteries, and AA Battery adapter pack.

$ 50.00

    Sony Earbud earphones. The high quality ones with extra bass boost.

$ 15.00

    Stereo RCA to sound out jack adapter. For plugging a CD player or computer into a Stereo amplifier.

$ 6.00

    1998 show poster from The Make Up, a DC punk-ish band that formed out of the Nation of Ulysses, and has now disbanded. They were incredible live.

$ 35.00

    A pair of custom built speakers and a Sony Surround Sound Tuner/Amp. The speakers are really really good. The Tuner is on its last legs -- it tends to turn off because of overheating.

$ 150.00