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    Speed Stick Deodorant, Regular scent. 2.25 Oz.

$ 1.00

    Dove Unscented Soap. 1 available.
$ 1.29

    Gilette Mach 3 razor. With four blades and the holder.

$ 6.00

    Aveeno skin moisturizer. Oatmeal based. A very deep moisturizer.

$ 2.00

    Chapstick. Regular flavor.

$ 1.00

    TendSkin shaving aid. Greatly reduces the occurances of ingrown hair and razor bumps.

$ 14.00

    Stainless Toenail clippers.

$ 2.00

    Salonpas. Anti-inflammatory natural solution from Japan. Sticky pads apply directly to the surface of your skin.

$ 2.00

    Sewing Kit.

$ 2.00

    A+D Ointment. Meant for things like diaper rash, this is like Vaseline on steroids. This stuff will heal all kinds of burns and chapped lips. Very small amount left.
$ .50

    My hair clippers. The first of every month I'm bald. This is how.

$ 75.00

    Wart removal pads. About %20 used.

$ .75

    More wart removal pads. A different brand from a previous one.

$ 2.00

    Glide dental floss. A larger size and a travel size.

$ 4.00

    Arm and Hammer whitening toothpaste.

$ 2.00

    Toothbrush, from my dentist.

$ 1.00

    My nitetime mouthgard to keep me from grinding my teeth.

$ 20.00