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    Canon CanoScan 1220U Scanner. The smallest and lightest scanner availabe. Scans at up to a 1200 dpi depth. Comes with Photoshop 5.0 LE, and the scanning module integrates into Photoshop, or it can be used as a stand alone scanning solution.

$ 125.00

    USB Zip Drive, 100 MB capacity. An absolute necissity for moving data from one computer to the next. Mac and PC Compatible. Comes with two free disks.

$ 80.00

    Kinesis Classic Ergonomic Keyboard. The best on the market. Sculpted split handed keyboard, low pressure keys, fully re-mappable keyboard, full macro capabilities, Dvorak ready, and Mac and PC compatible.

$ 200.00

    Logitech Marble Mouse. Entry level optical trackball mouse. Two button programmable design. Comes with PS/2 Adapter. 2 Available (one at work and one at home.)

$ 20.00

    IBm Via Voice for Macintosh, Enhanced Edition. The best (and only) voice recognition software available for the Macintosh. Comes with USB headset. Requires a pretty fast chip with a lot of ram.

$ 100.00

    I-Mate, ADB to USB Adapter.

$ 40.00

    AT to PS/2 Adapter.

$ 5.00

    AT to ADB Adapter

$ 5.00

    Floppy Disk. Two available.

$ 1.00

    Apple Powerbook G4 400, with the titanium case, 640MB Ram giant screen, DVD, 10 gig hard drive, etc. This has a four year extended warrantee that transfers to the new buyer.

$ 2000.00

    A long ethernet cable. I'm pretty sure it is 25feet long.

$ 30.00

    A short ethernet cable. 1 meter long.

$ 10.00

    Palm Pilot Vx, with all of my addresses, schedules, and to do lists.

$ 175.00

    Palm Pilot Serial (PC) to Serial (Mac).

$ 5.00

    IBM AT to ADB adapter.

$ 5.00