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    Mega Man Manga. Japanese Graphic Novel.

$ 7.00

    My copy of The Industry Standard with the write up of Shop Mandiberg.

$ 10.00

    King James Bible. I tried to read it as background reading for literature, but I didn't make it very far.

$ 10.00

    The Art of Being a Girl, by Judith Gregg Scott. Written in the Fifties, this is not in jest. Important information about grooming, dating, writing thank you notes, and general submissiveness. A gem -- one of my prized posessions.

$ 40.00

    A book about mutual funds.

$ 10.00

    A book about taxes.

$ 10.00

    My class notebook for Allan Sekula's Globalization, and Sande Cohen's Foucault and Deleuze.

$ 5.00

    Treasures from the British Museum

$ 10.00

    A small guide to mutual funds

$ 10.00

    A clothbound hand made journal/drawing book

$ 15.00